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Violet and Silver: A Deep Sea, James McNeill Whistler

Alexey Brodovitch - Untitled (from the Ballet series, Les Sylphides)  1935-1937

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{detail. haruspex dress}
this dress is named after the seers in ancient rome who divined the future and will of the gods using entrails of animal sacrifices. the shredded fabric is a ghostly spectre of divination and death, it exists as remembrance of the space between worlds. I think of this dress as a wearable communion between light and dark, a reminder of wisdom gleaned from death; beauty from destruction. It is the most process heavy piece of the whole collection- panels are knitted and shredded, a simultaneous process of creation and destruction. The panels are then hand felted in a cauldron of hot water, rinsed in cold, and laid to dry. Once dry the panels are cut to shape and sewn together, destruction once again begetting form and function. Each step is an integral part of creation and each dress will have an entirely unique form once made.



Mary Poole and Robert Smith, London, oct 1985 

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Female hands by Emilio Sommariva, 1935

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Frederick Lord Leighton - Painter’s Honeymoon

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The Mirror by Robert Hutinski

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